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Setting up dedicated Server with cPanel and a remote MySQL server

Setting up dedicated Server with cPanel and a remote MySQL server

Let’s assume that you are running database-heavy web applications or you’ve got a lot of servers. In this time it is very possible that you think about consolidation your MySQL databases all onto one server. Using a separate server for MySQL can be very useful for you in case if you have had busy servers or servers with large databases. So you can offload MySQL-related work to the remote MySQL server. In our tutorial you can read how to setup your servers and connect your projects to remote MySQL server.

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How to Resize images on Server Side
I found this amazing small little image resizing code which will resize and display images quickly. All resizing i done on server side.

“The code uses PHP to resize an image (currently only jpeg). Using this method, the resized image is of much better quality than a browser-side resizing. The file size of the new downsized image is also smaller (quicker to download).

The code comes in two parts:

  • imageResize() is used to process the image
  • loadImage() inserts the image url in a simpler format”

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Ajax with jQuery – several interactive samples

Ajax – this is group of technologies using in web development to create interactive applications. Ajax is client-server technology which allow to web page to retrieve data asynchronously from server without reloading page. All this allow to achieve really nice and good results. jQuery library will help us greatly with it. All just because it have all methods to work with Ajax.


Creating Your Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API

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Creating Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API I think every one faced with the task of connecting RSS feeds to your website, you can...

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