10 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

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PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is reflected upon as one of the most demanded web programming language that is nowadays utilized by most of the...
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Flawless website navigation is the key to grab users' attention. The convenience of switching from one page/post to another will undoubtedly keep your visitors...
Wordpress widgets

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Wordpress widgets. Half a decade back, when I was looking for an elegant, easy to follow, robust blogging platform, Wordpress turned out to be...
WordPress Hacks and Tricks

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Hacks and Tricks Wordpress tutorial: while Wordpress happens to be the most hotly pursued CMS platform of all, you do need to branch out...
Magento Module Development

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Magento connect. Modules are an integral part of Magento. These nifty little tools play an important role in solving a variety of tasks within...

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Creating a Microsoft Login Button using PHPIn this tutorial I will show you how to create a Microsoft login button for your website using...
CodeIgniter framework

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Understanding the nuts and bolts of CodeIgniter framework in PHPIf you're an avid PHP lover then I'm sure you must have definitely heard about...
Design Patterns in PHP

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Patterns in php. Today we are going to talk about design patterns in web development, more precisely - in PHP. Experienced developers are probably...
Script to read information from audio stream

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Script to read information from audio streamToday I will show you how to get information from the audio stream. But first, let's look at...
Content organization on the number of votes

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Content organization on the number of votes Quite often, we have the task to display any content (from the database) on the screen, many may...


Creating Your Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API

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Creating Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API I think every one faced with the task of connecting RSS feeds to your website, you can...

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