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float css – one of various CSS properties

Today I will tell you about CSS. This is will property called ‘float’. This property already in CSS since first version. And of course supporting of all possible browsers – Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera etc.

By default, all basic HTML elements floating from left to right as possible. If the item reaches the end of the page (or the boundaries of its parent element), it goes lower – to next line.

Of course, we can play with these rules via float css attribute.

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jQuery validator – checking forms

Today I will tell you how to build professional web forms with validation. I will use jQuery Validator Plugin for our tutorial.

You can ask me – where I can use it? – Quite anywhere: login or join forms for your website, forms of adding content, different guest books or blocks for comments. Really many ways for using it. I already saw several projects where validation was at server side. And submit of form just reload whole page where we seens – are we made any errors or not. Sometimes webmasters using ajax to send data invisible to server for validation. But in most of cases, this is much faster just to check all entered information at user side (using javascript/jQuery). Just check these several demos – and I will explain how to use it.

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Creating a Simple yet Stylish CSS Jquery Menu

Nowadays, css menus are becoming more and more popular, which is not surprising. Small size, fast speed, ease to create. In today’s tutorial I will tell you how to create a stylish navigation menu using not only CSS, but also jQuery library. It can help us enhance the default behavior. If you are ready – we can start.

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Easily Animate Web Buttons/Objects using jQuery

Today I will tell you about animations in web using jQuery. As we know – jQuery offer us several default methods of effects: fade(In/Out/To), hide, show, slide(Down/Toggle/Up), toggle. This is ok, but what if we need more? So, animation will help us! It will help to slide between 2 states using really good effects. By default, ‘easing’ is optional param, so to use extra effects we will use additional jquery.easing.js library.

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Advance Level Php Tutorials and Scripts

Some pretty cool and amazing working php scripts with sources and tutorials for you to use on your sites. Some are Tutorials for security, some are images manipulation techniques while some are really high level plugins like sponsor flips, jquery sorting and vote poll etc. Hope you find it Useful !

All Tutorials are properly linked back to their original sources.

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Jquery Tutorial on how to Position Backgrounds

Today I will tell you about another one useful tool of JQuery – backgroundPosition plugin. It allow to reach different design ideas with color/background changing.

As example, we want to create animated user friendly buttons or website navigation menu.

Someone can ask, why we need script if we can use hover effect + CSS styles. Here you will able to compare possibilities and see advantages of JQuery.


Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

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Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu I think that you have already seen animated menus with LavaLamp effect (based on jQuery plugin). Today I would like you...