Magic layout

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Dear reader, today we are going to tell you about new plugin that we discovered - Magic Layout. This simply plugin serves only...
Easy-to-Follow Guide on Creating a Chat Room Using jQuery/PHP

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Chat tutorial. Today, online chat solutions are witnessing a continuous increase in their popularity across the world. If you've used any of the Internet...
Sliding-enabled slideshow using jQuery

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No matter what's the basic purpose of your website, if you've equipped it with a fully-functional Javascript slideshow, you've reduced the gap between your...
Polaroid gallery

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Polaroid - we have not talked about photo galleries for a while, however enough time has passed and here could be new galleries. Not...
Creating expandable tables with jExpand

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Creating expandable tables with jExpandHaven't you thought about making your tables expandable? Recently I stumbled to a very interesting and incredibly useful (in my...
Creating circular counter with TimeCircles

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Creating circular counter with TimeCirclesToday we will talk about new jQuery plugin - TimeCircles, this is truly remarkable jQuery plugin that allows counting up...
Content organization on the number of votes

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Content organization on the number of votes Quite often, we have the task to display any content (from the database) on the screen, many may...
Froala WYSIWYG Editor

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Froala WYSIWYG EditorFroala Editor is a lightweight WYSIWYG rich text editor with a nice flat design. It is the first WYSIWYG editor with image...
DataTables – Data from Ajax, Edit in Place

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DataTables - Data from Ajax, Edit in PlaceQuite often, when it comes to tabular data and the need to put them on the screen...
Photo Gallery with AngularJS and CSS3

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Photo Gallery with AngularJS and CSS3Today I will show you the process of creating photo slider with AngularJS and CSS3. The slider itself is...


How to Easily Make a PHP Chat Application

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How to Easily Make Chat application with PHP + SQLToday I will tell you about creating simple Chat application using our existing login system....
CSS3 Modal Popups