Top 10 iPhone apps for working in social networks

Top 10 iPhone apps for working in social networks

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Top ten iPhone apps for social networks

Top 10 iPhone apps for working in social networks

Today I decide to prepare good collection of iPhone applications for you. These applications will useful for every active peoples who working with own websites in web (just imagine that you are on vacation and you should to work with your social profiles). Here are applications to work with facebook, twitter, digg, delicious etc.

1. Facebook

Allow to us to work with Facebook. You can communicate with your friends, talk in chat, look photos, upload own photos and more.

2. LinkedIn

Allow to us to work with LinkedIn network.

3. Twitter

Now we can work with Twitter. We can read twits of our friends, looking for new contacts, and of course – post new tweets.

4. MySpace

Allow us to do all necessary actions: communicate with friends, mail. chat, photos, comments and other.

5. DBD Delicious Bookmark Discovery

Giving us access to your bookmarks on Delicious.

6. Diggle – Digg elegantly

Use Diggle to browse the latest posts from Digg website.

7. WordPress

This application will allow you to manage with your own wordpress blog directly from your mobile.

8. AIM

Allow us to work with several networks: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Lifestream.

9. Twitterrific for Twitter

Another one nice application to work with Twitter.

10. Buzzie

This is first iPhone app for Google Buzz, including the most polished interface for buzzing.


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