Trendy Web Design Themes for Web Designers

Trendy Web Design Themes for Web Designers

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Trendy Web Design Themes for Web Designers
Trendy Web Design Themes for Web Designers

Trendy Web Design Themes for Web Designers

Setting up a website is not difficult but website designers do have a tough job when they have to create a unique website. This does mean using your coding skills to create a personal and unique theme that will make your website stand out. Yes, you will have your unique website theme but this is not without its problems. Of course, designers can choose to make their theme from scratch but there are just as many free options available online. Paid themes are also available and you can adapt the basic design to make it unique. If you are wondering where to start, here are a few places to start with.

Free Web Design Themes

Free website design themes are a dime-a-dozen on the Internet. You can pick up themes from any kind of website and download it for use immediately. Website developers love to create unique, trendy themes and list them for public use to highlight their skills. The best way to find free themes is by using Google. Just use Google Search by typing in ‘free web themes’ and the search engine will locate and display websites that offer free themes for direct download.

Websites like Allfreedownload, thetemplatemonster, opendesigns, etc. are a few of the better websites that offer free themes. Make sure you check the downloads as malware and adware are common. However, when you get something free, there is always a catch and free templates do have several catches. These themes are great if you are just starting out in website design and if you don’t want to make a mistake. Most of the work is done and the theme is ready to use. As the themes are free, you can download versions and adapt them to create personalized themes for customers. However, for veteran designers, free themes do not offer much challenge and they may prefer to use paid or custom designs for customer websites.

Paid Web Templates

Paid themes are a far better option. These themes are better simply because you do get technical support when you download and use the theme. Most of these themes have beautiful dashboard options that make them easy to customize and you get support and help in case you want to change options. Most of these themes also come with instructional videos that you can use to learn about the theme and how to personalize it.

Paid Web Templates

In fact, you can easily download the theme and use it on ten different websites and the theme will look different on each due to the customization options offered on the dashboard. You can try websites like Elegant Theme, Ultimate Theme, WordPress Remix, etc. to find easy to use but lovely, unique, themes for your websites.

Automatic Website Building Companies

This is probably one of the simplest and easiest options for anyone who wants to put up a website. Companies like Shopify help the customer set up their website quickly and efficiently. The website offers a range of paid and free themes that even a layperson can use to set up a website in less than two hours. The company stocks themes according to features, industry, size, images, etc. and you can download and use the theme almost immediately.

Create Your Own From Scratch

You can choose to make your entire theme from scratch but its not worth it if you are in a hurry. Customers want their websites up and running quickly and they may not have time to wait around while you write code. On top of that, mistakes do happen during writing and troubleshooting the code may take time and effort. Instead of doing all that, it’s a far better option to download free or paid themes, personalize them and then get the website up and running quickly.

As you can see, the options are endless. Users can choose from free, paid, automatic, etc. versions for their websites and personalize the designs until they are satisfied. Creating your own version from scratch may seem like a good idea but be warned that it takes a lot of time and effort. Of course with all these options, you can easily find websites that offer training videos and guidance to help you get your website up and running. Just remember that a free or paid template will take time to personalize but it still takes far less time than writing your code from scratch. Ultimately, you want your website or the customer’s website to be up and running quickly so that they can generate a profit. So why waste time writing from scratch? Pick up a free or paid theme and modify it to your heart’s content until you have a theme that really pops for you and your customer.


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