How to create Pinterest-like script – step 4


Understanding Closures

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  1. hello

    ? have a problem with registration and so does your demo. How come when i register it always returns to error in header. actually the profile is created in the database but the website gives error.

    Please some help would be appreciated

    • Hello Omar,
      Are you sure? I’ve just joined without any problem. Did you fill all fields?
      Which exact error did you get?

      • Even my webpage is redirected to error page. It does not register and there is no database entry either.

      • Hi Sheela,
        I recommend that you download the package, and you will find all the sources inside of it: sql and rest files.

  2. Thanks soo much sir for the tutorial, i always find it hard when reading your tutorials expecialy when i tried to add or edit something please sir try and make your tutorials very simple for as to anderstand thanks

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