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UX Design Trends 2016

The modern web is changing so fast that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out to users. Outdated strategies are no longer work while new ones are just emerging. It is not always clear what works for and against you. Sometimes the ideas you find excellent may turn into a funny, confusing, and even useless.

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Vertical Timeline with CSS and JavaScript

Vertical Timeline tutorial. Internet users love graphics that make it easier to digest information. Even more, they love interactive graphics that allow them to participate above and beyond just reading. Is it any wonder that vertical timelines do very well as a form of online content?
A vertical timeline can tell the story of your company and how it came to be. It could reveal the evolution of a product or service, discuss the history of a particular industry, or even walk your customers through the process by which you will provide your services. Best of all, you can create a vertical timeline on your own website with a little bit of CSS and JavaScript.

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Customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard

WordPress is pretty easy to use and customize, what with all the themes and plugins and widgets available at one’s fingertips. But is that all? What about the admin interface? How customizable is that?
A lot actually. WordPress admin interface, known around the web for its user friendliness can also be customized to fit your specifications and that too without a single line of code. By customizing your WordPress admin dashboard you can streamline your workflow and eliminate the tabs for those settings that you rarely (if ever) use at all.

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5 Major Trends That Will Dominate the Future of Web Development

The web development is a frequently changing field that introduces several new tools and best practices for constructing usable web solutions. So, it becomes a little tough to foretell the trends that will be shaping the web development industry. However, based on the pattern of recent trends that have been maturing, I’ve listed some of the biggest trends that will be dominating (and more likely shape) the web development in the coming years:

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Why AngularJS

AngularJS is a modern-age JavaScript Framework, used to build highly-interactive and dynamic Single Page Applications. It basically extends the HTML DOM with additional attributes to make it more scalable and responsive to user actions.

AngularJS is an open source JS framework that performs the DOM manipulation and integrates all the necessary features offered by the directive. Two way data binding is one of the most primary functions of AngularJS. When a visitor interacts with the interface and renders an input, the view and the model are synchronized, and then the model’s logic is automatically executed and the DOM gets updated.

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Building A Web App Using Symfony 2

Symfony 2 tutorial. Mobile application has taken a huge leap. Today, mobile applications are not just apps anymore – they are actually solutions to business issues. From a simple informative app to a critical business application, mobile apps have become a powerful tool that efficiently supports marketing strategies of a business.

Just open your phone and everything is available in your hands in the form of web apps starting from very basic daily essentials to luxuries and entertainment like music, gaming, banking, shopping, ticketing, billing recharges and so on.