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Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

I think that you have already seen various animated menus with LavaLamp effect (based on jQuery plugin). Today I would like to tell you how to repeat the same behavior only with CSS3 (without any javascript). I had to use CSS3 transitions in our menu (to animate elements). So, if you are ready, let’s start.

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Page layout with Boostrap 3

Dear readers, today we continue our Bootstrap 3 lessons, and for this lesson I prepared a new page layout that would suit different purposes. The huge advantage of using CSS frameworks is that the developer does not need to think about different issues of the layout, most of which were solved by creators of frameworks. For instance: cross-browser compatibility, support for different screen resolutions (responsiveness) and so on. The developer only needs to indicates what to display and when to display (depending on conditions), the rest the framework does itself. This approach can greatly accelerate the layout of the site. Another advantage of Bootstrap is its popularity. This means that another developer will be easier maintain your code.

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Scripting with PowerShell

Scripting is always a preferred choice for IT, businesses, server administrators, DBAs and professionals who aim to automate or schedule their routine tasks with flexibility and control. It not only makes you more productive but also improves your daily tasks.

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Material Design Frameworks

There are many web development companies which have been using exclusive material design frameworks for their UX or UI web designing and mobile apps development projects. As material design frameworks are open sources providing pre designed frames and UI components that help in developing customized mobile and web applications.

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Business Card Design

In today’s competitive world, everyone desires to have a respectful position in the market to become the topmost business owner. In order to fulfill this need, having a well-designed business card is of utmost importance. If you wish to make your business stand out of the rest, then it is vital for you to have an eye-grabbing business cards.

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Line Icons

Today there are many kinds of icons namely flat Icons, line icons and solid icons which are based on their usage by web or application developer. The kind of icons constant used by developers is no other than line icons. We are showcasing this article basically let you know the thousands of the good line icons.