10 Fresh & Impressive HTML5 Canvas (and WebGL) Examples

10 Fresh & Impressive HTML5 Canvas (and WebGL) Examples

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Fresh 10 HTML5 Canvas (and WebGL) examples

Today I prepared new collection of interesting HTML5 examples. And today I included several demos of WebGL applications too. WebGL is software library which allow to display interactive 3D graphic within web-browser. Trust me – this is very interesting. So I’m happy to show you the most outstanding works.

1. MD2 Models in WebGL using GLGE

This first demo demonstrate us possibilities of WebGL. Here are 6 character models with different animations.

2. WebGL Maze

Another one great example of 3D in web. This is real maze where you need to move from Start to End.

3. Jellyfish

Now I like to add this as screensaver of my desctop :) – live model of Jellyfish.

4. Quake 3 WebGL Demo

Quake 3 Tournament online WebGL Demo. Welcome to try.

5. Wikipedia Knowledge Map

Interesting representation of using Wiki. Now in interactive tree.

6. Chrysaora

Now we can see many jelly fishes.

7. The Wobble Dance

fantastic quality mapping of the human face (Anisotropic & vertex Wobble GLSL shader).

8. WebGL Image Filters

This editor allow you to edit your photo – adjust colors, apply different filters.

9. Gravitational Particle System

This system allow to control with thousands particles.

10. Glass Shader

Glass shader (skull) with refraction, reflection, fresnel effect and chromatic dispersion.


I quite sure that in coming future we will see more and more interesting projects with WebGL and HTML5, just because this giving you great possibilities. Hope that our new collection was really interesting for you. Good luck!


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