transform-style property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The transform-style CSS property determines if the children of the element are positioned in the 3D-space or are flattened in the plane of the element.

If flattened, the children will not exist on their own in the 3D-space.

As this property is not inherited, it must be set for all non-leaf descendants of the element.

  • Initial flat
  • Applies to transformable elements
  • Inherited no
  • Media visual
  • Computed Value as specified
  • Animatable no
  • Canonical order the unique non-ambiguous order defined by the formal grammar


Formal syntax: flat | preserve-3d
transform-style: preserve-3d
transform-style: flat
transform-style: inherit


Indicates that the children of the element should be positioned in the 3D-space.
Indicates that the children of the element are lying in the plane of the element itself.


No examples


Desktop browsers

FeatureChromeFirefox (Gecko)Internet ExplorerOperaSafari (WebKit)
Basic support12-webkit10.0 (10)-moz
16.0 (16)
Not supported15-webkit (Yes)-webkit

Mobile browsers

FeatureAndroidFirefox Mobile (Gecko)IE PhoneOpera MobileSafari Mobile
Basic support3.0-webkit10.0 (10)-moz
16.0 (16)
NANot supported (Yes)-webkit

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