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I am a web developer with huge experience (in web languages and even in system languages). Also I am the founder of current website (and several another). I like to write blogs about web development/design.

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CSS3 Fade slider

CSS3 Fade slider

Today I would like to show you how to create nice and smooth css3 slider. It uses fade effect to switch between slides. Plus, you can use custom promo text for each slide. We will use basic UL-LI unordered list to make this slider. We don’t need to click anywhere to switch slides – everything is automatically (css3 animation).

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Infographic: All You Need To Know About Web Designers

We prepared a new infographics for your mind. It contains figures and facts about web designers. As example – usual age or gender, education level, a bit about their work, average salary. I think that this information will be interesting for you.

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YouTube API - OAuth and Upload Example

YouTube API – OAuth and Upload Example

Today I would like to talk about video. Maybe you’ve got own video website, maybe you’re thinking about it, but anyway I think that our new information will be useful for you. As you know, video usually means that you need to have a lot of space at your hosting. And it is true in case if you store video files at your own server. But, in order to avoid all these difficulties (video storing and conversion), you can try to work with 3-rd party video hostings. As example youtube (or vimeo). In our new tutorial I will tell you how you can create youtube cross-uploader for your website.

Facebook like photo gallery with comments
Facebook like photo gallery with comments

Facebook like photo gallery with comments

Have you thought about own facebook-style photo gallry system with comments? I think – yes. Today I made up my mind to prepare it for you. Main idea – when we click at images – they popup (ajax) with bigger image at the left and comments section at the right. All images are in the database (mySQL). And, of course, we will use PHP to achieve our result. Also, our comment system will prevent accepting more than 1 comment per 10 mins (to avoid spam).

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My portal - single page layout

My portal – single page layout for your community.

Today I have prepared new great template for you. This is modern looking stylish layout in dark colors. It consists of logo, social icons, navigation menu, search bar, footer, promo section, headline block, and 2 other blocks: list of members and last news. Last two blocks are UL-LI based lists. Sure that you will like it.

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HTML5 Canvas Navigation menu with Fire

HTML5 Canvas Navigation menu with Fire

Have you ever thought about creating some interactive navigation menu in HTML5, directly at canvas element? Yes, this is strange idea, but it is quite possible that similar ideas are attended you. So, I made up my mind to prepare our first pure html5 canvas menu (basically – this is some set of buttons). We will create these buttons with a fire affect at the bottom. And you will be able to set custom click actions for menu elements.

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3D Unique Website Designs

Our website periodically produces interesting web roundups (of tutorials or designs or something else). Today I prepared new design collection of 3D look websites. If you would like to start something new or you think about something completely new, this is the best place to start. You will be able to find here excellent examples of 3D websites.

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Fluid layouts for your website

Fluid layouts for your website

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes it is pretty difficult to adjust website content width in order to fit all the various devices (from small resolution mobile platforms to high resolution personal computers). I think that you have faced with this problem before. But it does not matter – fluid (or liquid) layout will come to the rescue. I prepared several fluid layouts for you which you can choose. All these layouts have several columns with some content inside. And, as little bonus – you can switch between layouts on-fly (without reloading of page) with using CSS3.


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