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Today i am sharing with you very handy list of 15 jquery slide show plugins which are very easy to setup and you can present your site’s visitors with really attractive slide shows. Most of them have tutorials available with them as well. so you can even learn to create and use them as well. Let me know in your comments what do u think about this collection.

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practice of using chainedSelects

Creating ajaxy chained selects with jQuery

Today we will talk about creating dependent (chained) selects for your projects. This can be any related elements at your website. As example dependent fields to select your profession, mobile phone, or location (which can include Country, State, Region etc). One important note – we will need all this working using AJAX technology (to make functionality fast and smooth). And, jQuery library provide us with that plugin – jquery.chainedSelects.js. I will show you how to create chained fields using this plugin.

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10 Fresh Popular jQuery plugins

This is fresh collection of new jQuery plugins. 10 great solutions: for text effects, for localization, for forms, for maps, etc. This is collection of recently added plugins which can be interesting. Download, customize and use its in your projects.

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Creating Modern jQuery Pagination for Content
Height-based jQuery pagination to content

Creating modern jQuery pagination for content

After a short break, I decided to create a new own JQuery plugin for pagination (for different content), which will be based not on the number of elements (childrens) per page, but will take care of the height of the content. And it will try to keep the same height for the pages. This means that the number of elements on the page can be different. Everything will depend on the height of these children. Plus, I will using fade effect to switch between pages.

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Creating own jQuery plugin - slider

Create your own jQuery plugin – slider

Today we will create own first jQuery plugins. As one of easy task – we will create own image slider (commonly – of any content, not just images). Our slider will switch between slides using the fade effect.

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SmartGallery photo gallery

Creating photo gallery using SmartGallery (jQuery)

Today we continue our overview of available photo galleries. The next gallery is SmartGallery. This is light-weight gallery that allows us to have thumbnail navigation, auto image scaling, 12 transition effects (at the current moment). Everything is controlled by a options of this gallery.

By default, the gallery expects that all the necessary HTML structure is prepared (with necessary images). Our task is to create a script that will automatically load the necessary sets of images (as you may remember – our main goal is to display pictures of different members). This gallery requires the JQuery library ($. get function).




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Creating Own RSS Reader Using Google Feed API I think every one faced with the task of connecting RSS feeds to your website, you can...