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Creating single page layout #5

Creating an Attractive HTML CSS Anime Theme Website Layout

Today I will like to product new masterpiece – new template with codename: ‘Anime theme’. This will nice HTML5 template with good colors. Hope that you can learn some new coding lessons and download our result and use it at your own site (its free as usual).

I going to start step-by-step tutorial for creating html-css layout.

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Creating single page layout #4

Creating new HTML CSS website layout #4 – Gray theme

After long delay (3 weeks I was on vacation in another country – hope that you missed us), I decided to make new nice article – this will new nice template (in gray colors) for our readers. You can learn some new coding lessons and download our result and use it at your own site (its free as usual).

I going to start step-by-step tutorial for creating html-css layout.

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10 Great HTML5 Canvas demos

This is collection of most incredibly HTML5 canvas demos. Today, during browsing web I was amazed with so big amount of various html5 demonstration. And glad to share what I was able to collect. HTML5 become more, and more powerful, it even less processor-consuming than Flash. So, may not be far off such an event when the flash will fully shifted with html5?

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Multiple backgrounds with CSS3 with animation

Multiple backgrounds with CSS3 and a little of animation

In CSS3 appear new possibility to use multiple backgrounds for the objects, in our new article I will demonstrate how to do it. And, I going to add a bit of JS code for simple animation (to make it not so boring). Commonly, it is very easy to apply multiple backgrounds – we just need to list them (separated by commas) in the object properties.

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Speakker html5 audio player tutorial

Using Speakker – Cool HTML5 Audio Player(jQuery)

Today we continue jQuery lessons, and we will try new audio player – Speakker. This is free html5 audio player with nice interface. It allow us to listen music, adjust the volume, have different covers (for media), and have possibility to attach playlists (even via PHP files). Also it have ready possibility to share link to facebook and twitter. So – welcome to test our demo.

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cross-mailer html newsletters

How to mark up the cross-mailer newsletters in HTML format

HTML newsletters is still very successful type of communication between readers and publishers. Publishers can track the different indicators of such letters, for example, reading the letter, forwarding, clickthroughs, as well as the interest of readers to the different products and topics. Readers absorb information like a regular web page as it is visually more appealing and more easily readable than text messages.

In this article I would like to share knowledges in creating of cross-browser and cross-mailer newsletters. This means – correct displaying of layout in all mail clients. I think that article is still quite relevant. Duty is a long time I was engaged with creating html layouts for newsletters around the world, and the following rules will cover the following mail client and web interfaces: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, MS Outlook, Thunderbird 2.0-3.0, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, AOL Mail, possible others.

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Animated photo gallery grid

Photo Gallery (grid) with javascript

As I know – very many peoples using different photo galleries at own websites. They like to share its own photos, friend`s photos, vacations etc. This is because we trying to make tutorials about different galleries. Today we will continue creating photo albums. But today we don`t will use any ready plugins, it will be done on pure javascript. This will crossbrowser professional gallery made in HTML+JS+CSS.

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Creating e-cards using jParallax

Creating e-cards using jParallax

During browsing web I came across a very interesting plugin – jParallax, and suddenly remembered that soon the international women’s day, and decided that today will do something nice for our women. Our today’s article will be about how to create a nice e-card using our favorite library jQuery with own hands.

What is nice – that we will able to put different images into different layers. And, due mouse moving – our layers will moving too. Just check today`s sample, nice, isn`t it?




Pure HTML5 file upload

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Pure HTML5 file upload Today we will be developing a great HTML5 file upload form with progress bar and preview (at client-side). We have already...