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Ajaxy Chat

User1: how are you(16:24:00)
User1: hey(16:23:51)
User1: hey(16:23:39)
User1: hey(16:23:35)
User1: 788544(15:59:50)
User1: cdgdfgf(15:59:43)
User1: Acyuiajhbj(15:59:38)
User2: привет(13:46:48)
User1: не пойду пацаны(13:46:17)
User1: adsda(12:20:32)
User1: dfsdgddgdfgdfgfdg(12:20:12)
User1: dfsdgddgdfgdfgfdg(12:18:54)
User1: dfsdgddgdfgdfgfdg(12:18:51)
User1: dfsdgddgdfgdfgfdg(12:18:45)
User1: dfsdgddgdfgdfgfdg(12:18:40)
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