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I am a web developer with huge experience (in web languages and even in system languages). Also I am the founder of current website (and several another). I like to write blogs about web development/design.

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10 fresh jQuery plugins (march 2012)

Our new hand-made collection of the most interesting jQuery plugins. Here are different plugins like textualizer, SimpleModal, xBreadcrumbs, Adipoli and so on.

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HTML5 Clocks

HTML5 Clocks

For our new lesson I have prepared nice pure HTML5 clocks. This is pretty easy script, but it is very easy and impressive (as usual). Of course – anything necessary will be at canvas object.

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HTML5 Game Development - Lesson 8

HTML5 Game Development – Lesson 8

This is our next game development article. We continue a series of articles on game development in HTML5 using canvas. Today I will show how to apply some physics to your project (with using Box2D). Box2D is popular open source engine that simulates 2D physics for applications. 2D Physics Engine is a hot topic in game development. With the help of physics engine, we can easily create a playable game by just defining an environment and a simple rule.

Here you can read our previous lesson: Developing Your First HTML5 Game – Lesson 7.

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Packtpub offer

Win Free Copies of HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Packt Publishing and are organizing a Giveaway especially for you All you need to do is just comment below the post and win a free copy of HTML5 Mobile development Cookbook. Three lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky One.

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HTML5 vs Flash Games

Infographic: HTML5 vs Flash Games

Information Graphics (known as infographics) are one of the best ways to transfer some information into a reader’s mind. It can be something new, or other useful information gathered in one place. Nowadays many people don’t have enough time to read a lot of text on multiple screens. Infographics makes the information intuitive and understandable. That’s why we would like to share the best relevant infographics from all over the web. Today I found new one related infographic on HTML and Flash. It show us (side-by-side) comparison of HTML5 and Flash. This infographic have a lot of interesting things. But, keep in mind that they (onemorelevel) are Flash-oriented website, and be ready that everything can be changed in coming future. I sure it will very interesting for you.

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HTML5 Image Effects - Sepia

HTML5 Image Effects – Sepia

Today we continue our HTML5 canvas examples, today I want to share with you a method of applying a sepia effect to images. This is not a very difficult method, anyone can repeat it. In our demo we can play with different images by adding a sepia effect to them, as well as we can ‘export’ our result on the image element (<img>).

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Stream Radio Script
Stream Radio Script

Stream Radio Script

Today I have prepared another really great tutorial for you. Recently I have started development of my own radio software (as module for Dolphin CMS) and got interesting results. So, I would like to share you with some results about it. It will be nice looking (CSS3) radio script. It consists from three main elements: header (with nice animated search bar and integrated radio player), left side (with list of categories and subcategories) and right side (which will contains list of recent/ or filtered stations).

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HTML5 Video player jQuery plugin

HTML5 Video player jQuery plugin

As you know – HTML5 <video> element is already supported by most of browsers (by modern browsers). Its initialization is very easy. During today’s investigation I have understood few things: that each browser supports only few of video formats, and each browser has own native video controls (and all of them are different). But fortunately, html5 can give us all necessary possibilities to make own interface to control our video element. Today I will show you process of building own html5 player (quite crossbrowser), more, it will be new jquery plugin.

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Pure CSS3 Accordion

Pure CSS3 Accordion

Today I’ll tell you about another one great thing that you can implement with CSS3 – it’s an accordion. I think that accordion is still pretty popular in web. This is nice and compact way to keep some information at page. Of course, we always can use javascript (jQuery) plugins in order to set accordion, but sometimes this is not so necessary. We can use only CSS3 to achieve the same effect, today I will tell you exactly how this can be done.


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