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I am a web developer with huge experience (in web languages and even in system languages). Also I am the founder of current website (and several another). I like to write blogs about web development/design.

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10 fresh jQuery plugins (december 2011)

Before coming New Years holidays – I have decided to prepare last one collection of interesting jQuery plugins released over the last month. Here are different plugins for sharing content, scrollers / sliders, webcam plugin, time grid etc.

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CSS3 Animated Photo Slider

CSS3 Animated Photo Slider

Today I have prepared new great CSS3 demonstration. This is 3D slideshow where I have used WebKit CSS 3D transforms. On the demo you will see a free-floating 3D object with photos. Hint – you have to use Chrome or Safari browser to see all these delights.

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CSS3 Christmas Tree with Snow

CSS3 Christmas Tree with Snow

Today we will continue use CSS3 in drawing complex shapes. We will create very nice CSS3 Christmas Tree demonstration. We will be drawing the tree, six colored balls on it, three snow hills and snowfall.

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Access Control with Bit Masks

Access Control with Bit Masks

Today I want to tell you about the organization of access rights to users (on your site) using bit masks. Perhaps you have already known it, probably not, but anyway I want to give you this information. Why bit masks – easy, because this is and fast and easy way to recognize user’s possibilities. In our system, I have identified six possible actions (it will keep 6 bits, each bit – one of the possible actions). There are next actions: Read, Create, Edit Own, Delete Own, Edit Any and Delete Any (moderator’s / admin’s actions). It can be applied to everything – blogs, news articles, photos and more. Ok, lets start.

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HTML5 Game Development - Lesson 5

HTML5 Game Development – Lesson 5

Finally I decided to prepare next Game-development article. We continue a series of articles on game development in HTML5 using canvas. Today I prepared musical example (it will something like program – synthesizer) with alternative DOM-based dialogs on CSS3. Why I added separated dialogs – easy, mostly because CSS have much more possibilities to play with text and styles of standard elements, then it can make result JS code smaller, and can increase result speed of example. So, you can apply nice custom styles for these dialogs with full power of CSS3 (as example – I customized scrollbar with css3).

Here you can read our previous lesson: Developing Your First HTML5 Game – Lesson 4.

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Pure CSS3 Slideshow

How to Create a Pure CSS3 Slideshow

Today we will develop cool css3 slideshow (without any javascript). Slideshow will contain left and right navigation buttons, images, and tracker bar. We have to use left/right buttons or extra tracker bar to navigate through images.

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HTML5 and Games

Today we will talk a little about future of HTML5 in the gaming industry. As you know, HTML5 continues to have a dramatic impact on the web world during few last years. At current time, HTML5 still under development, but I sure that you have already seen many really great examples of it. Many people and companies (like Spil Games, Mochimedia) have already started learn and use html5.

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How to start developing own applications for Android

How to start developing own applications for Android

Several of our readers asked us what they begin to write even a simple application for android. So today I decided to write an introductory article for them. This material provides practical introduction to developing applications for Android.

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CSS3 Drop Caps

CSS3 Drop Caps

Today is design orienting article. I am going to tell you about making nice-looking drop caps with css3. I sure that you have been already saw these big letters in each children’s book of fairy tales. Especially in old books. To repeat this effect some webmasters separated this first letter (into own DOM element) and applied special own styles for it. But, this is not necessary in case of CSS3. We can use :first-letter selector to select necessary first symbol. Lets take a look to result that we can achieve




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