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Material Design Frameworks

There are many web development companies which have been using exclusive material design frameworks for their UX or UI web designing and mobile apps development projects. As material design frameworks are open sources providing pre designed frames and UI components that help in developing customized mobile and web applications.

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9 Best PHP Frameworks

We like to think of a good PHP Framework as a good foundation of any sustainable home: you can never see the foundation of a house, and it doesn’t help you lead a more satisfying lifestyle, but without it, your house will collapse in the next earthquake.
The same goes with frameworks for quality websites. You can build many responsive features for your new website and create a mighty tower made of powerful code. But if its foundation has even a tiny gap in its code, your tower will collapse.

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Bootstrap introduction

Bootstrap introduction. Since past several years, Bootstrap, a front-end development framework has gained huge limelight among web designers and developers community. The reason for this tremendous hype may lie in its fantastic features that make it an ideal framework for creating responsive websites.

This framework fascinated numerous website designers and developers, thus, no wonder why a vast population of professionals has adopted this framework for creating enthralling sites. It is a kind of framework that can produce websites to work on every device.

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Ionic framework

Gone are the days when developing an app took multiple days and even weeks. Today, the world of mobile app development is filled with stunning open source front-end SDKs(Software Development Kits) and frameworks which have made it possible for the developer to build an awesome app within a few minutes. Ionic is one such HTML5 App Development Framework that allows you to create high-performing and extensively intuitive native-like mobile apps. If you’re new to Ionic and want to dig deeper into this most used and recommended framework, then get on with reading the paragraphs that are listed out in this post. Let’s get started!

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Sass & Susy - Grids

As a web designer, working with grids is indeed one of the best things that you can do for delivering a top-quality website or web application. Believed to be one of the most vital components of a web design, a grid is capable of structuring your web pages and create a unique rhythm that can keep everything mess-free. Thanks to the innovative implementation of CSS grid layout modules and flexbox, it has become possible for us to create stunning layouts for our next website/web app. Still, there can be a lot of hassles associated with coding up a particular layout simply because you’ll be expected to remember tons of intuitive properties. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem as well. We can leverage the potential of several tools that can enable us to design grids for websites using popular CSS frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap. Stay on this post to find everything about using Sass and Susy – two popular frameworks for achieving an excellent Grid System.

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10 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is reflected upon as one of the most demanded web programming language that is nowadays utilized by most of the websites. PHP is hugely in trend due to its remarkable HTML, interactive features, database integration support, and simple in learning too. As per W3Techs survey, almost 82% of web servers have been using PHP. It also includes few vast structures for building your growth extremely quick, hugely fruitful, and thus safeguards you from low intensity error. Your website will be well protected by PHP from few attacks such as XSS attacks, SQL injection, etc.

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Infographic: Bootstrap framework

About the Bootstrap framework we have repeatedly been told more than once. Launched back in 2010, it continues to flourish to this day. If you are planning a new website, you should definitely consider using this framework in the design. Because it greately helps you create a fully-responsive and modern site outline. Today, we prepared three infographics that describe this framework.

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Responsive frameworks

Responsive frameworks are very popular nowadays. Today we look at a great compilation of all currently existing responsive frameworks. This table is a deep comparative analysis of frameworks, reflecting their advantages and disadvantages. The table list consists of paid and free open-source projects. All the projects are evaluated by the following parameters:: the use of css preprocessors, using a js library, dependence on third-party solutions that support Responsive web design and common elements in developing web projects.

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Responsive Framework

The article tells about new responsive framework that is developed by one of web developers from Russia. The framework is based on twitter bootstrap with some additional features and enhancements. The original developer has prepared for us this preparatory article describing the capabilities of this framework, so let’s read what is said about it.

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CodeIgniter framework

Understanding the nuts and bolts of CodeIgniter framework in PHP

If you’re an avid PHP lover then I’m sure you must have definitely heard about the Codelgniter framework. Well, if you haven’t then no need to worry because this is the blog that will tell you everything about the very popular and trendy ColdeIgniter framework used in PHP programming. Whether you’re planning to build a fine-quality PHP application or a brand new website, Codelgniter will allow you to save a considerable amount of time and effort on serving your clients with the expected final product.


CSS3 Modal Popups

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CSS3 Modal Popups CSS popup. Today I will tell you how to create cool CSS3 modal popup windows (or boxes). Literally, not so long ago,...