10 Oven Fresh jQuery Plugins for UI

10 fresh jQuery plugins for UI

This is collection of most interesting fresh jQuery plugins for user interface. This is various plugins including wizardnotifications, editable tables, masks and other interesting plugins.

1. Smart Wizard

This is flixible jQuery plugin which you can use to make nice wizard interfaces. Online demo you can find here.
Smart Wizard

2. MsgUI Notification Plugin

With this plugin you can bring all the messages on the site in order. Online demo you can find here.
MsgUI Notification Plugin

3. jQXB Expression Binder

This is bi-directional data binding between javascript objects and HTML elements. Based on jQuery, jQXB/M provides a natural and flexible way to process the data exchanged between server and client. Online demo you can find here.
jQXB Expression Binder

4. HTSQL/HTRAF Data Binding Toolkit

HTSQL – query language and instant API for databases. HTRAF – web toolkit for HTSQL that lets you build web applications in minutes. Online demo you can find here.
HTRAF Data Binding Toolkit

5. search list filtering

Allow you to refine search results. Online demo you can find here.
search list filtering

6. iMask

Plugin to allow easy input masking for both static and numeric masks. Online demo you can find here.

7. Password Strength Checker

Nice looking password strength checker. Online demo you can find here.
Password Strength Checker

8. jCRUD

New plugin to work with tables: create, read, update, and delete content of HTML tables. Online demo you can find here.

9. Browser PinPad

Browser based pin pad that protects the page from access until the correct code is put in. Online demo you can find here.
Browser PinPad

10. jRate

If you thought sometimes about own rate object – possible this can be solution? Online demo you can find here.


Hope that our new jQuery plugins collection for UI (user interface) was really interesting for you. Good luck!

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