10 interesting jQuery plugins of October 2011

10 interesting jQuery plugins (october 2011)

This is our new roundup of most interesting jQuery plug-ins that have emerged over the last month. Here are different plugins like Editor, ajax tables, virtual keyboard, few galleries, and even noise generator.

1. colResizable

This plugin enhance HTML tables with new feature for column resizing by dragging column anchors manually. Online demo you can find here.

2. xhEditor

Nice looking and modern rich editor with html5 upload feature. Online demo you can find here.

3. jTable

jTable is a jQuery plugin that is used to create AJAX based CRUD tables without coding HTML or Javascript. Online demo you can find here.

4. Html5 Canvas Preloader

Now you can preload your HTML 5 page with this nice plug in, passing data via JSON. You can customize it changing colors and style. It can preload video, audio, images and js. Online demo you can find here.
Html5 Canvas Preloader

5. jQuery.keyboard

This is a virtual keyboard for touchscreen terminals. This plugin takes a keyboard “definition” and generate it. Some special events are triggered when user interacts with it. Online demo you can find here.

6. Asketic Swipe Gallery

This is a lightweight plugin, which allows to display and manipulate with images similary to iPhone/iPad image browser – it supports swipe, scale, cycle, resize & wide range of other functions. Online demo you can find here.
Asketic Swipe Gallery

7. Minimit Gallery

Minimit Gallery is a highly customizable Jquery plugin that does galleries, slideshows, carousels, slides… pratically everything that has multiple states. Online demo you can find here.
Minimit Gallery

8. cssAnimate

Nice dynamically animations (jQuery and CSS3). Online demo you can find here.

9. NoiseGen

This plugin to dynamically generate background noise which you can use for your websites. Online demo you can find here.

10. XML Tree

XMLTree is a utility for visualising and traversing XML in tree format. The script creates the tree from a specified XML file or from manually-fed XML. Callback functions can be specified to fire as you traverse the tree, to which are automatically passed the node you clicked, and its XPath.. Online demo you can find here.
XML Tree


Hope that our new collection of new jQuery plugins was really interesting for you. Good luck!

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  1. Might be very useful if you can add few more which stands out from common ones. anyway thanks and its useful at the last times as you mentioned.

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